People Management module - 2007 to 2008

Module overview and aims

The main contribution and uniqueness of this module to your development as an advanced undergraduate student, and as a possible future manager of people, is to take a critical sociological approach to the nature of work organization.

What is meant by a critical sociological approach for the purpose of this module involves labour process analysis (LPA).

LPA is closely associated with a Marxist framework for understanding organizations that function under capitalism.

LPA considers how the nature of capitalism has an effect on how people are managed in work organizations, i.e. the main basis for LPA is asymmetrical employment relations.

Key debates surrounding the labour process include de-skilling and up-skilling of labour, Fordist and post-Fordist methods of work organization, technological developments in relation to the control of labour, and employee resistance and misbehaviour.

Over the next eight weeks the critical sociological approach to work organization will involve lectures, student-led presentations and discussion sessions, and, self-directed learning.

The main topics covered during this time include labour process theory, labour process debates and labour process research.

Further quick information:

The full module handout can be downloaded and printed from here.

Lecture one PPT notes can be downloaded here.

Lecture two PPT notes can be downloaded here.

Note: a paper copy of the handout and PPT notes will be given out during the module - further PPT notes will be uploaded during the term.

Module details: